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In 1987, a Cambridge University working group spun out under the name Affinity Chromatography Limited. Through the years, the name and owner changed, including time as Prometic Bioseparations before being sold in late 2019 and subsequently rebranding to Astrea Bioseparations.

We are a Biotage company, focused on helping to bring small and large molecule, and advanced therapies to market with industry leading bioseparation adsorbents and resins.

Our team is honored to supply reliable, world class resins for more than 21 FDA and EMA approved manufacturing processes.

What’s in a Name?

Astrea was the Greek “star-maiden” goddess of justice, innocence, purity, and precision. Taking the name Astrea Bioseparations reflects our own focus on purity, precision, and humanity in all we do. Astrea was represented by the constellation Virgo, which we frequently apply for the striking resemblance to a molecular diagram.


Astrea Bioseparations is a world class provider of chromatography adsorbent and resin services. With over 30 years of chromatography manufacturing expertise, we deliver a unique and trusted service in close partnership with our clients.

Outsourcing production of your custom chromatography resin to Astrea Bioseparations enables you to get your product to market faster, and with the security of a reliable supply chain.


  • Dual site manufacturing for a truly global service
  • 1000 L batch sizes
  • Guaranteed levels of quality, supported by ISO 9001:2015 accreditation and our Quality Management System
  • Extensive range of support matrices to provide high-performance adsorbents, including our proprietary technology – PuraBead®

A Commitment to Quality

Astrea Bioseparations is honored to support the biopharmaceutical industry with products and services that help bring life-saving and improving medicines to market. Regardless of process scale, we are ready to build Purity by Design into each process to ensure quality and speed to market.

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Astrea Bioseparations has research and development and manufacturing facilities in 3 locations across the globe. Explore our locations to see what makes Astrea Bioseparations one of the highest quality, largest volume affinity adsorbent manufacturers in the world.

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