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Changing the game of Cell and Gene Therapy Purification

New tools on the frontier of cell and gene therapy innovation, harnessing the power of AstreAdept® technology, a nanofiber material designed specifically to increase bioprocessing efficiency.

This state-of-the-art bioseparation material taps into the very latest in nanofiber technology. Its adoption empowers biologics manufacturers to accelerate processes, enhance efficiency, reduce buffer use, and streamline waste treatment expenses. The result? A faster, more environmentally conscious, and cost-effective purification process perfectly aligned with the demands of today’s therapeutic innovations, LentiHERO®, ExoHERO®, and pDNAHERO®  have been tailored specifically for cell and gene therapies.

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Maximize your lentiviral vector recovery from complex feedstocks and take full advantage of your existing lentiviral vector system

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Simplify the purification of large and fragile extracellular vesicles such as exosomes with ExoHERO®. Processing high volume & low titer EV feedstocks is effortless

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Achieve purification of large sequence plasmids with minimal operational pressure, maintaining optimal flow rate and yield

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Our novel fiber technology enables:

  • Up to 10x increase in binding capacity

  • Faster processing times

  • Immediate access to binding surface area

  • Elimination of the need for long residence times

  • High flow rates

  • Higher process yields