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Astrea Bioseparations has long been established as an expert in affinity chromatography and bioseparations, large scale adsorbent manufacture and pre-packed columns.

We are now entering an exciting growth phase of our evolution, having recently been acquired through a life sciences tools platform, Gamma Biosciences, created to build a leading player in next-generation bioprocessing for advanced therapies by acquiring or investing in high-potential businesses with outstanding technology and accelerating their growth.

At Astrea Bioseparations we have a clear purpose and a commitment to innovation, providing our people with an engaging environment where they can thrive. We offer the opportunity to grow, be challenged and contribute in a meaningful way, which helps shape our culture. Our people are encouraged to strengthen their skills and gain valuable and varied experiences that help to build their career.

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Sustainability benefits not only people and the planet, but businesses as well. Pharmaceutical companies have begun to take steps to improve their sustainability performance, including leveraging green chemistry, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and minimising waste.

Astrea Bioseparations is not only working to improve sustainability within its own operations, but seeks to develop products that help customers do the same. We recognise the importance of considering the sustainability of all operations, so we place an emphasis on recycling, designing products and processes with green chemistry in mind, and producing products that help our customers be more sustainable.

Our commitment to increasing sustainability is not only limited to our internal operations, however. Increasing sustainability throughout the entire biopharmaceutical value chain is essential to ensuring the ongoing viability of the industry, so developing products that help customers ultimately improve their sustainability is equally important to us.

Diversity & Inclusion

Astrea Bioseparations embraces the diversity of individuals that nourishes its creativity and productivity.

Our mission is to make the very highest quality separation media, and we believe that the key to success is bound to the genesis of original ideas that challenge our understanding of Science. Therefore, we at Astrea Bioseparations are building a culture where difference is valued. We are giving our employees the support they need and welcoming who they are to allow them to fully express their potential, and be the best at what they do. We know that true diversity and equity does not happen through one single statement or act; it requires a deep understanding of root causes, intentional disruption of behaviours that sustain systems of power, and an unrelenting commitment to continuous learning. Our promise is to uphold our commitments today, tomorrow, and in the years ahead.

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What do our team members have to say?

  • With the support of my colleagues, I have very recently completed a Lead Auditor course. This allowed me to take on more responsibilities, particularly where I can support the company in maintaining supply chain resilience based on a risk assessed approach by auditing suppliers during sourcing and qualification.

  • I had just graduated as a chemist when I came across Astrea Bioseparations. I was drawn to the fact that in this particular role, I could continue practicing chemistry in a lab, allowing me to build upon my skills from University.

  • What I love the most about working at Astrea Bioseparations is that every single day is full of variety. I look forward to coming to work everyday and I am surrounded by friends, not colleagues.

  • I get to work with incredibly innovative and talented people every day! Our teams work creatively to build and grow the organisation to realise its ambitious plans to have a greater impact on the industry.

  • I have been with Astrea Bioseparations for 8 years and still look forward to going into work on a daily basis, facing new challenges and learning new things.

Our Locations

Astrea Bioseparations has research and development and manufacturing facilities in 3 locations across the globe. Explore our locations to see what makes Astrea Bioseparations one of the highest quality, largest volume affinity adsorbent manufacturers in the world.

  • Life on the Isle of Man

    Isle of Man, UK

  • Life in Cambridge, UK

    Cambridge, UK

  • Life in Boston

    Greater Boston, US

  • Delta Precision Ltd.



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