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Process Development Columns

Our ready-to-use column ranges stand out as an ideal choice for process development in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Conveniently packed with Astrea Bioseparations’ own resins, offering a streamlined and efficient platform for optimization of chromatographic conditions during process development, you can trust in the consistency and performance of these columns when navigating the intricate stages of bioprocessing development.
SNAP® Laboratory Glass Columns

The SNAP® Laboratory Glass Column range provides an effective and user-friendly liquid chromatography solution.

With a combination of extensive engineering experience and customer feedback in mind, SNAP® laboratory columns address daily challenges faced in bench-scale operations. Extensive configurable options enable implementation into almost any bioprocessing application, delivering efficiency and high performance where it’s most needed.

A range of column consumable parts to reconfigure and replace existing hardware are available, as well as our column packing services for straightforward implementation into your workflow.

Packing Service

Our column packing service provides fast turnaround times, and delivers greater ease of use combined with all of the features and benefits of using SNAP® Laboratory Glass Columns in bioprocessing applications.

The extensive range of SNAP® Laboratory Glass Columns can be packed with virtually any chromatography media, and are compatible with a variety of applications, including process development and viral clearance studies.

Each pre-packed SNAP® Laboratory Glass Column undergoes column performance testing prior to release, ensuring the columns can be implemented into your process with confidence.

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Evolve®R and Evolve®S

The pre-packed Evolve®R and Evolve®S ranges have been developed to provide convenient, ready-to-use chromatography solutions.

Available with chromatography media from the Astrea Bioseparations portfolio, for applications such as protein purification and contaminant removal, as well as other chromatography media types.

The family includes 5 mL and 50 mL columns with a fixed 10 cm bed height.

1 mL and 5 mL columns

Small scale pre-packed columns are ideal for screening and scouting experiments, as well as process optimization and small-scale purification and contaminant removal.

Available in 1 mL and 5 mL volumes, individually or in kits, and pre-packed with any Astrea Bioseparations chromatography resin. 

These columns are compatible for use with liquid chromatography instruments, as well as peristaltic pumps and syringes.


Miniaturized chromatography columns, pre-packed with Astrea Bioseparations’ range of chromatography resins for high-throughput screening and rapid process development.

Supplied as a pre-packed row of 8 x 200 µL columns for use with automated liquid handling systems, ideal for efficient media and condition screening applications.

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