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The greater Boston area is a world-leading life sciences hub, our operations site further enhances our ability to support our American customers. Our US office is where the SNAP® column was born and continues to be manufactured.

Boston is famous for its history, distinctive local culture, and sporting prowess. It is also a beacon in US STEM sector, making it an increasingly desirable destination for STEM professionals. The city is fast becoming a world leader in biotech and the life sciences. Founded in 1630, Boston is America’s most historic major city, where culture and heritage can be found in abundance, not to mention its illustrious sporting heritage.

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Boston Harbour homes a 43 mile walk, full parks, museums, beaches, restaurants and shops, with views out to the Boston harbour islands with an ocean full of beautiful boats. Make sure you allow time to hop-on one of the infamous Duck Boat tours, a renovated World War II amphibious vehicle!

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The Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile brick path through Boston, it passes by 16 historic locations significant to the US. The trail starts south from Boston Common up to Bunker Hill Monument.

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Boston is home to a variety of sports franchises including, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, american football and soccer. Some key stadiums located in Boston include: TD Garden Sports Complex, Fenway Park and Gilette Stadium. Whichever sport you follow, there’s something for everyone.

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