Senior Director of Research & DevelopmentMarc Hummersone

Marc Hummersone has over 20 years of project and managerial experience in both big and small technology companies, including industry leaders AstraZeneca, General Electric Healthcare & Cytiva. He has a broad experience base across a wide range of technologies including the development of novel chromatographic media for the purification of complex biological feed streams as well as drug discovery and development. He was a key contributor to the development of the Fibro chromatography family of products which resulted in the acquisition of Puridify, by GE Healthcare in 2017. Additionally, he was a key part of the management team who validated the concept of synthetic lethality and who identified and developed Lynparza, which is an approved drug for the treatment of BRCA-mutated advanced ovarian cancer which resulted in the acquisition of KuDOS Pharmaceuticals in 2005, by AstraZeneca. Marc has held positions including Company Director, Chief Scientific Officer and Department Director. He gained a PhD and Post-Doctoral experience in chemistry which was focused on the total synthesis of complex natural products at University College, London.

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