Applications Cell & Gene Therapy

Improving Upon Legacy Technology

Purification of gene and cell therapy vectors such as AAV, lentivirus, and exosomes, is based on legacy technologies which were originally designed for monoclonal antibody bioseparation.

The limitations of resin-based chromatography for large cell and gene therapy modalities include:

  • Long processing times
  • Low binding capacities
  • High associated costs

Advancing Vector Purification

To address this need, Astrea Bioseparations has developed a novel, state-of-the-art, nanofiber-based bioprocessing technology to advance vector purification with:

Faster processing times

  • Immediate access to binding surface area, eliminating long residence times
  • High flow rates enabled by an advanced electrospun matrix

Higher process yields

  • Up to 10x increase in binding capacity due to large accessible surface area

Increased infectivity, due to lower process stressors