Contract Manufacture

Since 1987 Astrea Bioseparations Ltd. (Astrea) has been pioneering the design, development and manufacture of affinity purification technology from lab-scale to industrial scale bioprocessing. With over 30 years’ experience and success in the development of affinity products and design of new custom adsorbents, Astrea is a world leader in its field.

Our goal is to provide you with a fully validated, bespoke chromatography adsorbent and all associated process conditions for your target biomolecule, resulting in maximum yield and purity while employing the minimum number of process steps.

Custom Adsorbent Manufacture

As well as producing our own affinity adsorbents Astrea can take your own in-house adsorbent and transfer the manufacture to our plant on the Isle of Man providing the following key benefits:

– Over 30 years’ experience of adsorbent manufacture.
– Established ‘GMP’ standard manufacturing.
– ISO 9001-2015 accredited quality management system.
– Controlled production environments (Clean rooms – ISO7 & 8).
– Range of vessel sizes to enable production of batches from 1 to 1000 litres.
– Process development and validation to ensure consistent product performance.
– Established process applications and multiple large-scale users.
– Product and regulatory support.

Custom Development Programs

Bioseparations - Custom Development Programs

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