Evolve™ Bioprocess Columns & Accessories

What are Evolve™ BioProcess Columns?

The Evolve™ Column product range consists of seven cost effective, ready-to-use bioprocess columns (70, 100, 140, 200, 250, 350 mm diameter) providing high performance, easy to use, low maintenance, scalable technology with excellent flow distribution to support bioprocess downstream applications.

A unique ‘semi-disposable’ feature is the ability to change out all wetted parts easily and cost effectively through the use of ‘refresh kits’, thereby eliminating the risk of contamination and costly cleaning validation.

Evolve™ columns are supplied with:

  • Manual: operating instructions, material conformity, chemical compatibility and pressure flow curves
  • Tool kit: torque wrench, spanners, Allen keys, spirit level & seal tool
  • Connection kit: adaptors, clamps, seals and sealing rings
  • Spares kit: adaptor/ flow tube seals, bed support assembly & adjuster flow tube

Evolve™ Columns provide:

  • Ready-to-use with full tool kit and accessories
  • High performance (4 bar pressure rating)
  • Cost effective & scalable technology
  • Efficient flow distribution (flowrates up to 1000 cm/h)
  • Easy to use & low maintenance
  • Pharmaceutical grade acrylic column with non-metallic flow path (no corrosion)
  • Conforms to both FDA & USP VI requirements
  • Compatible with extensive range of chemicals

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