Isoagglutinin Removal

What is Isoagglutinin?

Isoagglutinin’s are antibodies (IgM and IgG isotypes) which recognise and bind to type A or B blood group antigens. The presence of isoagglutinin antibodies in plasma derived products (particularly plasma for transfusion and IVIG) can give rise to serious side effects, such as haemolysis, depending upon the type of isoagglutinin present (A or B) and the blood type of the recipient.

Removal of Isoagglutinins

Individuals of AB blood type are ‘Universal Plasma’ donors as their plasma does not contain isoagglutinin antibodies (anti-A and anti-B). However, AB is the rarest blood group possessed by approximately only 4% of the population. As a result, AB plasma is in great demand as it is only available in limited quantities. By removing Isoagglutinin’s from any species of donated plasma results in the creation of isoagglutinin free that can be used in place of AB plasma.

IsoClear A™ & IsoClear B™

Astrea Bioseparations Ltd. (Astrea) have developed two affinity chromatography adsorbents comprising immobilized trisaccharide blood group antigens (A & B). These antigens are chemically synthesized and covalently attached to a biocompatible polymethacrylate support matrix. These adsorbents are highly selective for the removal of both isoagglutinin antibodies, enabling cost effective and efficient manufacture of ‘Universal Plasma’ from more abundant A, B and O blood types (~96% in total)

Key Features of IsoClear A™ & IsoClear B™:

  • Applicable with most blood derived compositions
  • Specific for anti-A, anti-B & anti-A, B isoagglutinins (IgM and IgG isotypes)
  • High performance (typically >99% isoagglutinin removal from plasma)
  • Excellent protein recovery (typically >99%)
  • Full recovery of protective antibodies, coagulation & Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP) factors
  • Easy to pack adsorbents with excellent flow properties
  • Robust, long-life resins capable of multiple cycles

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