What We Do

Astrea Bioseparations Ltd (Astrea) is an established manufacturer of chromatography materials used in the production of protein biopharmaceuticals. The company’s bioprocessing products are exported globally to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who use them to capture and purify therapeutic proteins and remove unwanted and potentially harmful impurities and pathogens. We have been developing and producing chromatography adsorbents for more than 30 years and currently we have around 100 employees in the UK as a part of the Bioseparations group.

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Astrea Drives A Culture Of Innovation
Atrea Bioseparations focuses on high-performance chromatography adsorbents, packed columns and the development of efficient and cost-effective downstream processes. We are committed to providing high quality materials to our customers for use in bioprocessing.

Diversity & Community
Astrea Bioseparations has opportunities in Cambridge, the Isle of Man, Joliette and the US for hardworking, passionate people in research, development, manufacturing and administration. The company is committed to high quality standards, equal opportunities and manufacturing excellence.

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