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Lentiviral vectors (LVV) are crucial tools for cell and gene therapies, facilitating the direct delivery of anti-cancer agents to tumors and enabling adoptive immunotherapy with CAR-modified T cells. Purification of LVVs is vital to maximise therapy safety and efficacy. Gentle yet effective techniques are essential to preserve the yield and integrity of these fragile particles, ensuring maximum therapeutic impact.

Our Solutions

LentiHERO® provides high recovery of purified LVV by guarding against unnecessary stresses, so particle degradation is minimised and LVV functionality is preserved. The purification process uses mild, low salt, conditions and low shear flow paths for high recovery at speed.

High viral vector recovery with LentiHERO® allows increases the full productivity of current feedstock batch sizes, thereby allowing a postponement of upstream scaling efforts. Maximizing viral vector recovery ensures optimal utilization of existing feedstock batch sizes. The LentiHERO® range includes devices for bench scale and process development scales.

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