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SP PuraBead® HF 200 µL RoboColumns®
SP PuraBead® HF 200 µL RoboColumns®

SP PuraBead® HF 200 µL RoboColumns®

$345.16 Excl. VAT
Highly efficient miniaturized chromatography columns designed for rapid process development and high-throughput screening. Ready-to-use and pre-packed with SP PuraBead® HF resin, these columns are perfectly suited for automated liquid handling systems, ensuring convenience and precision.


SP PuraBead® HF RoboColumns® are expertly designed for advanced chromatographic applications, offering high-throughput and efficiency for laboratory-scale separations. These 200 µL columns are an ideal solution for rapid process development and high-throughput screening in biotechnological and pharmaceutical research.

Key Features:

  • High-Throughput Screening: Specifically crafted for intensive screening and rapid development, facilitating fast-paced laboratory research.

  • Pre-Packed for Convenience: Ready-to-use format, pre-packed for immediate application with automated liquid handling systems.

  • Small-Scale Capacity: Each column holds 200 µL, perfect for rapid small-scale experiments with representative results, whilst minimizing sample use.

  • Advanced SP PuraBead® HF Resin: Packed with high-flow ion exchange resin, ensuring efficient and quick separations.

  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for resin and process condition screening, sample preparation and small-scale biomolecule separation, and other critical chromatography tasks.

  • Media Scale Up: Chromatography media used is available in larger pre-packed columns and in bulk, supporting seamless transition from lab to production scale.

  • Automation-Compatible: Designed to work efficiently with automated systems, enhancing reproducibility and reducing manual labor.


  • Efficient Process Development: Accelerates process development and optimization, crucial in research and industrial applications.

  • Consistent Performance: Ensures high reproducibility and consistent performance across various applications.

  • Flexibility in Research: Provides versatility in experimenting with different media and conditions.

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