Multi-Mode Mimetic Ligand™ Library

At Astrea we have now made available a Multi-Mode Mimetic Ligand™ Library (MMM Library) which provides a diverse library of 96 ligands which can be used to ‘short-cut’ the above ligand development programme. So now you can perform the initial phase of screening in house speeding up the ligand selection and also avoiding the need for potential protracted contractual discussions.

An easy to use, rapid screening toolbox the MMM Library can be used to identify chromatography adsorbents for a wide variety of applications, including both product capture and polishing. No sample conditioning required as you should select the ligand that binds under sample conditions, thereby eliminating the need to adjust sample with risk of product loss.

Key Features of the Multi-Mode Mimetic Ligand™ Library:

  • Rapid screening toolbox
  • No sample adjustment required
  • 96 different ligands designed based on structural diversity
  • Proven technology
  • Cross linked agarose base matrix
  • Cost effective & easy to use
  • Universal platform
  • Robust & stable adsorbents
  • Scalable technology

Multi-Mode Mimetic Ligand™ Library for Screening