Aminophenylboronate P6XL

An affinity adsorbent for the specific capture and enrichment of target biomolecules containing cis-diol groups, such as carbohydrates, glycoproteins, enzymes, RNA, nuleotides and nucleic acids. Aminophenylboronate adsorbent can also be applied as a polishing step, remove diol containing impurities from non-diol containing targets.

Key Features

  • Affinity purification and removal of glycoproteins and glycans
  • High purity m-aminophenylboronic acid ligand
  • Ligand binds selectively to carbohydrate groups with cis-diols
  • High dynamic binding capacity
  • Robust, long life adsorbent
  • Sanitizable with NaOH allowing multiple cycles


Aminophenylboronate P6XL - 100mL3355-00100$2,108.38
Aminophenylboronate P6XL - 1L3355-01000$12,890.13
Aminophenylboronate P6XL - 25mL3355-00025$782.75
Aminophenylboronate P6XL - 500mL3355-00500$8,862.75

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