Bubble Trap Kit 60mm for Evolve 200 to 350 Columns


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The bubble trap kit provides protection for a packed Evolve column and prevents air from entering the packed bed. The kit contains valves which allow the bubble trap to be by-passed during sample application to prevent sample dilution and possible carry over.

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Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 61 x 33 x 12cm

1 x Bubble Trap (60mm) 1 x T-Piece Connector 1 x Manual Pinch Valve 1 x Flexible Hose (6mm id, 0.3 m long) 1 x Flexible Hose (6mm id, 1.5 m long) 1 x Accessory Support Bracket (Side mounted, large) 1 x 4 Way 2 Port Valve (6mm i.d.) 2 x Blanking Caps 10 x Ladish Seals (6mm id) 10 x Click Clamps