EtoxiClear® 50 mL Evolve®S Column

Etoxiclear® is a high performance, highly stable, affinity chromatography adsorbent allowing cost effective and efficient endotoxin removal. The pre-packed column allows you to address issues of endotoxin burden promptly.

Key Features

  • Cost effective and scalable technology
  • Endotoxin clearance to below 0.1 EU/mg protein
  • Endotoxin clearance of ≤ 0.05 EU/mL from a range of buffers
  • Compatible with a wide range of proteins
  • Available as an adsorbent slurry for column packing and an extensive range of disposable columns to suit your process requirements


    EtoxiClear® 50 mL Evolve®S ColumnAS025100-PC3250-G$4,090.00

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