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EtoxiClear™ provides cost-effective and efficient endotoxin removal, using a high-performance synthetic ligand affinity chromatography adsorbent, providing superior endotoxin removal from processing solutions and final products.

The adsorbent has a high dynamic binding capacity (>1 x 106 EU/mL packed adsorbent); it has low protein binding (typical recoveries of the product >90%) and this allows for up to 4 log clearance of the residual endotoxin present in the sample.

The affinity ligand is covalently coupled to 6% cross-linked, near monodisperse agarose beads (PuraBead® 6XL) to provide a sodium hydroxide stable adsorbent with excellent selectivity for endotoxin.

Please contact us for pricing for pack sizes of >1 litre.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 26 x 18 x 6cm

Synthetic chemical ligand (proprietary)

Absorbent appearance


Base Matrix

Highly cross-linked 6% near monodisperse agarose (PuraBead 6XL)

Particle Size

100 ± 10µm

Binding Capacity

> 1,000,000 EU/mL

Operational flow rate

Up to 200 cm/hr

Chemical Stability

Stable in all commonly used buffers and solutions


0.5 to 1.0M NaOH


2-30◦C, 20% Ethanol, 0.1M NaCl