Fabsorbent F1P HF

Fabsorbent™ selectively binds antibody light-chains, and is caustic-stable. This platform technology can capture and purify antibodies and antibody fragments from multiple species (including human, bovine, ovine and murine).

Key Features

  • Binds ScFv, Fab’ and single domain antibody fragments expressed in E.coli
  • For the bioseparation of Mammalian Fab and F(ab’)2 fragments from papain catalysed antibody digests
  • Binds to Human antibody λ and κ light chains


Fabsorbent F1P HF - 100mL3904-00100$3,818.75
Fabsorbent F1P HF - 1L3904-01000$17,119.75
Fabsorbent F1P HF - 25mL3904-00025$1,351.25
Fabsorbent F1P HF - 500mL3904-00500$11,573.75

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