Insulin Adsorbent

A high performance, affinity adsorbent that enables process simplification and reduction in the overall cost of insulin production. This adsorbent specifically captures naturally occurring forms of insulin, as well as insulin analogues from a variety of sources.

Key Features

  • Uniform particle size PuraBead® 6HF
  • Selective for most forms of insulin including single chain and two chain insulin
  • Binding capactiy up to 25 mg insulin per mL adsorbent
  • High purities and yields
  • Cost effective and reliable
  • Robust, re-usable adsorbent
  • Excellent Regulatory and Technical support


Insulin Adsorbent - 100mL3160-00100$1,590.75
Insulin Adsorbent - 1L3160-01000$8,168.38
Insulin Adsorbent - 25mL3160-00025$656.50
Insulin Adsorbent - 500mL3160-00500$4,709.13

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