MAbsorbent® A2P HF

An affinity adsorbent that captures polyclonal antibodies by binding to the Fc region, based on our proprietary Purabead, which is easy to pack and has provides excellent flow properties

Key Features

  • Mabsorbent binds to all 4 subtypes of human IgG: Human IgG1, IgG2, IgG3, IgG4
  • Caustic stable


MAbsorbent® A2P HF - 100mL3903-00100$3,818.75
MAbsorbent® A2P HF - 1L3903-01000$17,119.75
MAbsorbent® A2P HF - 25mL3903-00025$1,351.25
MAbsorbent® A2P HF - 500mL3903-00500$11,573.75

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