Mimetic Blue SA P6 HF

Affinity adsorbent designed for the capture and purification of albumin and albumin-related proteins. Mimetic Blue® SA P6 HF is designed for higher selectivity in complex solutions, with a medium ligand density

Key Features

  • High dynamic binding capacity
  • Sanitizable (alkali stable) long-life adsorbent, allowing multiple cycles
  • Supported with comprehensive Regulatory Support Files




Mimetic Blue® SA P6HF | 3135

Mimetic Blue SA P6 HF - 25mL3135-00025$460.00
Mimetic Blue SA P6 HF - 100mL3135-00100$1,280.00
Mimetic Blue SA P6 HF - 1L3135-01000$6,810.00
Mimetic Blue SA P6 HF - 500mL3135-00500$3,910.00

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