Nereus LentiHERO®

Nereus LentiHERO® shortens the time to process multiple lab-scale lentiviral feedstocks, so reducing bottlenecks for viral vector sample preparation. Nereus LentiHERO® offers the combined benefits of very high recovery of viral particles, significant reduction of contaminants and ability to scale out, unlike affinity resins, IEX membrane adsorbers or molecular weight cut off ultrafiltration filters.

The spin column format is used with a benchtop centrifuge, with no need for ultracentrifugation, large chromatography systems, or tedious filtering by hand. Sample throughput can be increased simply by maximizing the benchtop centrifuge capacity. With Nereus LentiHERO® feedstock volumes are reduced in the order of 10-fold depending on loading volume. Decreasing both contaminant levels and sample volumes reduces the time required for concentration steps if desired, allowing more samples to be concentrated in any given day.

Key Features:

  • Lab-scale purification of lentiviral particles in 5 easy steps
  • High binding capacity of 4.7E+10 lentiviral particles per unit
  • >60% recovery of lentiviral particles, tested in serum-free feedstocks
  • 95% reduction in HCP contamination
  • Mild process and elution conditions


Spin Column
Nereus LentiHERO®NL100100$350.00

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