PE PuraBead® 6HF Pre-packed Column

PE PuraBead® 6HF is a versatile adsorbent with many applications including the binding pentraxin related proteins, and the purification of DNA modifying proteins. This adsorbent is provided in easy to use pre-packed columns.

Key Features

  • Can be attached directly using standard fittings to liquid chromatography systems/ automated workstations or can be operated manually with a peristatic pump or even a syringe
  • Ideal for small scale screening and scouting experiments in downstream processing process development and optimization
  • Can be re-used with adsorbent specific CIP/ equilibration protocols


PE PuraBead® 6HF Pre-packed Column - 4 x 1 mL6638$936.00
PE PuraBead® 6HF Pre-packed Column - 4 x 5 mL6639$1,814.00

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