Q PuraBead® HF

Ion Exchange (IEX) chromatography adsorbent with strong anion Q ligand, based on PuraBead® with excellent flow properties

Key Features

  • HIC and IEX adsorbents are manufactured using Astrea Bioseparations’ PuraBead® 6HF near mono disperse agarose beads
  • PuraBead® is also manufactured at Astrea Bioseparations so there are no lead time issues
  • Adsorbents are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards
  • Available in bulk volumes suitable for GMP processes
  • All available in 1 mL and 5 mL column kits for scouting experiments


Q PuraBead® HF - 100mL3452-00100$580.80
Q PuraBead® HF - 1L3452-01000$2,714.38
Q PuraBead® HF - 25mL3452-00025$205.70
Q PuraBead® HF - 500mL3452-00500$1,766.60

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