SP PuraBead HF


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SP PuraBead® HF is a high performance strong cation exchange chromatography adsorbent designed for capture, intermediate or polishing steps for the purification of positively charged bio-molecules.

SP PuraBead® HF ligand is sulphonic acid group coupled via a propyl linker (SP) to highly cross-linked monodisperse 6% agarose (PuraBead® HF) which has excellent flow properties. The adsorbent is stable in up to 1.0M sodium hydroxide which allows for stringent cleaning and sanitization protocols.

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions cm

Sulphonic acid with a propyl linker (SP)

Type of Ion Exchanger

Strong cation

Absorbent appearance


Base Matrix

Highly cross-linked 6% near monodisperse agarose (PuraBead 6HF)

Particle Size

90 ± 10µm

Total Ionic Capacity

≥175 μmol/g settled gel

Binding Capacity

≥90 mg/mL of adsorbent (lysozyme)

Opertating Pressure

Up to 1 bar (15 psi)

Operational flow rate

Up to 600 cm/hr

Operating pH

pH2 to pH 14 (intermittent)

Chemical Stability

Stable in all commonly used buffers and solutions


0.5 to 1.0M NaOH, 25◦C


2-30°C, 20% ethanol/0.2 M sodium acetate (preservative)