State-of-the-art Purification ExoHERO® Range

ExoHERO® safeguards Extracellular Vesicle (EV) recovery through a gentle isolation process

The expansive open flow path allows immediate access to large binding surfaces, providing high capacity for EV capture at high flow rates. Allowing therapeutic innovators to maximize their process efficiencies.

Ensuring functionality and purity of therapeutic (EVs) during isolation from complex feedstocks is no longer challenging. ExoHERO® minimizes the disruption, substantial losses and processing times of large volumes commonly experienced with traditional methods.

As workflow time is reduced, larger volumes can be processed in a day. Processing of large volume & low titer EV feedstocks has never been easier.

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ExoHERO® 1 & ExoHERO® 10

  • Pre-packed columns for FPLC
  • High binding capacity at high flow rates
  • Process development and preclinical applications
  • Luer connections (ExoHERO® 1) compatible with peristatic pump and manual syringe systems
  • Available in bed volumes of 1 mL and 10 mL

Key Features

  • High binding capacity, equivalent to 1.2E+12 particles/mL
  • High recovery due to low salt and low shear stress environment
  • Fast processing
  • Sanitizable with 0.5 M NaOH

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