State-of-the-art Purification LentiHERO® Range

Ensuring high yield and functionality of lentiviral vectors during downstream processing

LentiHERO® purification guards against unnecessary stresses with mild, low salt, processing conditions and large open flow paths for high recovery at speed. Reducing viral vector loss with LentiHERO® means more can be achieved with existing production systems, so scaling out upstream to meet demand can be delayed. The LentiHERO® range includes devices for laboratory scale and process development scales.

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LentiHERO® 1 & LentiHERO® 10

  • Designed for process development
  • Features high binding capacity in fast flow pre-packed columns for FPLC
  • Available in bed volumes of 1 mL and 10 mL

Nereus LentiHERO®

  • Spin column format enables swift and easy screening of process conditions
  • Compatible with standard benchtop centrifuges
  • Eliminates the need for:
    • Ultracentrifugation
    • Large chromatography systems
    • Manual filtering

Key Features

  • High binding capacity*
    • Adherent feedstock, 4.5 E+11 viral particles/mL
    • Suspension feedstock, 1.75 E+12 viral particles/mL
  • Pseudotype independent recovery of functional particles**
    • Adherent feedstock 2.6E+09 TU
    • Suspension feedstock 1.9 E+09 TU
  • Sanitizable with 0.5 M NaOH

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*Example data, performance dependent on vector production variables
**Jurkat transduction assay

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