ResourcesBPI Digital Week 2019 – Research to Realisation: An insight into turning a plan into a product

With the need for safer and more effective biotherapeutics, the emergence of gene therapy products, the continual increase of biosimilars, as well as legacy product improvements, the requirement for more specialised and individual products and/or processes to become more agile yet staying cost effective is needed. To keep up with these trends, companies are being required to rethink their processes including the purification steps involved. To support the trend in specialised and ‘tailored’ adsorbents, Prometic Bioseparations Ltd. (PBL) have accumulated a wealth of experience as an expert in affinity chromatography with several successful partnership projects in industrial-scale chromatographic processes not only for purification of proteins, but also in the removal of contaminants such as prions, endotoxins, and isoagglutinins. In this presentation we will give an insight into the process PBL have established to develop an adsorbent, including all the steps from initial screening and the identification of ligands, through ligand development and optimization, to tech transfer, validation and final product which includes packing development into a pre-packed column ready for manufacture. Prometic Bioseparations Ltd have the capability to turn research into a realisation.