ResourcesDevelopment of Affinity Chromatography Adsorbents for Bioseparations – BPI Ask the Expert 2019

Affinity chromatography has a long history of use in bioprocesses and is a powerful tool in making industrial processes more efficient by reducing the number of steps necessary to achieve the desired target purity and yield. It is common, however, for teams to only consider affinity chromatography as an alternative once other options have been considered, evaluated, and discarded, which translates into a need to develop affinity adsorbents for new targets fast, efficiently, and in an economic way. In this presentation we will go over the steps necessary to develop an affinity adsorbent, including the identification of ligands, choice of base matrices, attachment chemistries, use of spacer arms, and other considerations relevant to the development of novel affinity adsorbents. The presentation will be based on the long experience accumulated at Prometic Bioseparations as an expert in affinity chromatography with several successful partnership projects in industrial-scale chromatographic processes not only for purification of proteins, but also in the removal of contaminants such as prions, endotoxins, and isoagglutinins.