ResourcesAn introduction to Astrea Bioseparations

An Introduction to Astrea Bioseparations

Our company was originally founded in 1987 as a spin-out from a Cambridge University working group, established as Affinity Chromatography Limited.

Through the years our name has changed, but not our focus on delivering to our customers, and until recently we were known as Prometic Bioseparations.

Today, as Astrea Bioseparations we are a wholly owned company within the growing Gamma Biosciences portfolio of enabling technology companies. Our team plays a critical role in bringing customer products to market with a targeted solutions approach.

Astrea is known as the star maiden in Greek mythology. She was the Goddess of justice, innocence, purity and precision driven away from the human world by the weakness of man. According to the myth she transformed and ascended sky bound into the constellation Virgo.

We chose the name Astrea Bioseparations to reflect our own focus on purity, precision and humanity in all that we do. At Astrea we actively support our customers and clients with products and services that enable them to discover, develop and deliver quality therapies to the market that manage, treat or could even have the ability to cure diseases.

We offer standard off-the-shelf absorbents and columns as well as bespoke products and services to support any type of chromatography, affinity or conventional to support your bioseparation needs.

Our custom discover develop and deliver services include ligand design, adsorbent development and large-scale adsorbent manufacturer of up to 1,000 litre batches to current GMP standards.

We offer a range of absorbents tailored to purification and manufacturing criteria that can be provided alone or pre-packed in Evolve®D GMP ready columns.

We also offer a range of semi-disposable Evolve® Bioprocess columns.

To date 21 of our Bioseparation products have been incorporated into FDA or EMEA approved manufacturing processes for 17 approved pharmaceutical and medical products and this number continues to grow as we work alongside our customers to bring their science to life.

We have a global team to support our customer’s needs:

  • Our state-of-the-art research and development laboratory in Cambridge, UK
  • A production site based on the Isle of Man
  • Our PuraBead manufacturing site in Joliette, Canada
  • Our US headquarters and SNAP® column manufacturing site is in Boston, Massachusetts
  • We also operate with a number of distributors throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Whatever Bioseparation needs a customer has, Astrea is here to deliver!