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A guide to packing the Evolve Process Columns

Welcome to the next step in Protein purification the Evolve Astrea’s new Range in process columns with over 25 years’ experience in the development of affinity product and design of new custom adsorbents. Astrea is a world leader in its field and offers an extensive range of off-the-shelf Bioseparations products as well as a variety of customer services including bespoke chromatography adsorbents, downstream process development and in-house technical support and now a new range of process columns.

The Evolve process columns have been developed in collaboration with Delta Precision Ltd and are available in 6 different column diameters from 7 to 35 cm. Design features include high-performance, cost-effective and scalable technology, efficient flow distribution, easy to use and low maintenance, a pharmaceutical grade Acrylic column with a non-metallic flow path eliminating the risk of any corrosion of the wetted flow areas and is suitable for use with a wide range of chromatography Media types including Astrea’s extensive range of Affinity separation products. Evolve columns are supplied ready to use along with an operating manual, toolkit, connection kit and spares.

Simply attach the height adjust handles, remove the fixing bolts (with the tools provided) and you are ready to start packing. Remove the click clamps and end pieces from the top and bottom of the column and attach suitable tubing. Clamps can be reused for re-attachment. Slurry the adsorbent and carefully pour the desired amount into your column. Once the storage solution begins to drain, close the bottom outlet. Allow the adsorbent to settle so that a dead space is visible then insert the top adaptor, there are guiding pins on the column to ensure the adaptor is inserted in the correct orientation. Lower the top adaptor until the seal is completely immersed then close using a seal activation nut. Continue to lower the adaptor until just above the settled bed, allowing excess storage solution to exit the top of the column. Attach the tubing to your prime system or pump, remove the bottom seal and commence the flow rate to obtain a pressure of 1 1/2 bar. Continue the flow for 2cv then note the height of the packed bed. Stop the flow and close the bottom of the column. Open the top of the column and lower the adaptor until the seal is approximately 1 centimetre below the height of the packed bed. Re-attach the adaptor to system and open the bottom outlet continue to flow for a further column volume to ensure no further compression. Your column is now packed and ready for your purification needs. To determine the quality of the packed column, measure the height equivalent to a theoretical plate (HETP) and asymmetry by injecting a detectable marker. Astrea offers refresh kits for all the wetted parts of your used Evolve column including the acrylic tube. This provides cost savings whilst eliminating the need to prove clearance of previous product and cleaning validation. For more information regarding the Evolve process columns please contact us on the information shown.

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