Webinar #2 - "I've got a hit, now what?"

May 6, 2020 Andy Davies
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Andy Davies

An experienced Sales Director with over 30 years’ experience in the biotech and life sciences sectors, specialising in bioprocessing and bioseparation techniques with degree level Biochemistry from the University of West London. Having started my career working in a research and development laboratory, I have progressed into consultative sales roles for capital high-tech equipment and strategic account management, leveraging my lab experience for large pharmaceutical companies such as GE. I have been with Astrea Bioseparations ('Astrea') since September 2013 with responsibilities covering the global sales and marketing of its products and services. Since joining Astrea, I have been instrumental in developing the product pipeline by successfully launching the ever-growing Evolve and EvolveD column ranges into Astrea’s offering

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