Evolve™ Process Column: Customer Evaluation

Feedback from trials of Evolve™ column at a major Biopharmaceutical company, based in USA. 


Q: What brand of Bioprocess Columns are you currently using?

A: GE Life Sciences.


Q: What attracted you to the Evolve™ Bioprocess Column range?

A: Reduced price and better performance over some of our existing columns.


Q: How do you feel the price of Evolve™ Bioprocess Columns compares to other columns you use?

A: Evolve™ columns are priced very competitively; prices are typically lower than most other columns.


Q: How do the accessories/ spares/ tools supplied with the column compare to other columns you use?

A: Other columns have a slightly more comprehensive set of accessories and tools, but Evolve™ columns are quickly gaining the essential accessories required to operate. However, the column comes with spare nets, tubing, connectors and it's own tool kit, so it's ready to use out of the box.


Q: How easy was it to assemble/ handle the column?

A: The column is easy to handle overall. The column stand could be a bit wider and the smaller columns do not have wheels for transportation but the column weight is much less than other columns so these aren't big issues.


Q: How easy was it to pack media in the Evolve™ Bioprocess Column?

A: Packing is easier or on par with other manual packing columns. Of course, it is not as easy to pack as self-packing column systems.


Q: How does this compare to other columns you use?

A: Performance is comparable or better than other columns in a similar price range, and price is typically lower. Understandably, these columns are not as good as very expensive premium columns, but we found that the gap is not too far apart.


Q: Did you achieve acceptable HETP & Asymmetry

A: Yes, we achieved excellent asymmetry values close to 1.0 and HETPs that are well under 0.08cm.


Q: How does this compare to other columns you use?

A: This is comparable to other columns. It is slightly easier to reach target HETP and As compared to columns that have more traditional flow distribution systems.


Q: Did the column clamp provide the required support for ‘heavy’ valves/ tubing.

A: Yes, this is a critical component.


Q: We are launching different disposable valve and bubble trap kits, what do you think of these?

A: These would be very useful and would help complete the line-up.


Q: Evolve™ column refresh kits allow you to replace all wetted components, is this something that is important to you?

A: While this is a useful feature, we do not foresee using this very often for our application.


Q: What do you like about the Evolve™ Bioprocess Columns?

A: Competitive price and comparable/better performance than more expensive columns.


Q: What would you improve?

A1. Optional wheels to help transport of larger columns,

A2. Longer and more ergonomic plunger turning rods,

A3. Method/feature to help immobilize the column while the plunger is being lowered (such as a stepping area for holding the column down with your feet).


Q: Would you recommend Evolve™ Bioprocess Columns to a colleague?

A: Yes definitely.


For more information on Evolve™ please e-mail: [email protected].


Evolve™ is a trade mark of Delta Precision Ltd.

About the Author

An experienced Sales Director with over 30 years’ experience in the biotech and life sciences sectors, specialising in bioprocessing and bioseparation techniques with degree level Biochemistry from the University of West London. Having started my career working in a research and development laboratory, I have progressed into consultative sales roles for capital high-tech equipment and strategic account management, leveraging my lab experience for large pharmaceutical companies such as GE. I have been with Astrea Bioseparations ('Astrea') since September 2013 with responsibilities covering the global sales and marketing of its products and services. Since joining Astrea, I have been instrumental in developing the product pipeline by successfully launching the ever-growing Evolve and EvolveD column ranges into Astrea’s offering

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