Mimetic Blue Brochure

June 8, 2017

Prometic Bioseparations’ range of Mimetic Blue® affinity adsorbents comprise Mimetic Blue® ligands attached to beaded agarose supports, which selectively bind to Albumin and Albumin related proteins from a variety of sources, including plasma, serum and recombinant cell cultures to yield highly purified biological products.

They are used commercially for the purification of albumin and albumin related proteins (i.e. albumin fusion proteins) but also are applicable to a variety of other proteins including adenine nucleotide binding proteins.

Key features include:

• High Specificity for albumin and albumin related proteins
• High dynamic binding capacity (>30mg/ml)
• Excellent flow properties
• Robust, long-life adsorbent
• Sanitizable with NaOH allowing multiple cycles
• High purity, chemically defined ligand structures
• Highly reproducible batch-to-batch manufacture to ISO9001 standards
• Supported with comprehensive Regulatory Support Files
• Multiple end users in biopharmaceutical manufacture
• Highly sensitive ELISA assay for leachate analysis and column verification

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