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As a trusted partner for your custom chromatography service requirements, Astrea Bioseparations is proud to offer large-scale manufacturing of bespoke adsorbents, and the convenience of column packing to suit a range of applications and processes.


Astrea Bioseparations is a world class provider of chromatography adsorbent and resin services. With over 30 years of chromatography manufacturing expertise, we deliver a unique and trusted service in close partnership with our clients.

Outsourcing production of your custom chromatography resin to Astrea Bioseparations enables you to get your product to market faster, and with the security of a reliable supply chain.


  • Dual site manufacturing for a truly global service
  • 1000L batch sizes
  • Guaranteed levels of quality, supported by ISO 9001:2015 accreditation and our Quality Management System
  • Extensive range of support matrices to provide high-performance adsorbents, including our proprietary technology – PuraBead®

Your Trusted Bioseparations Partner

We assist with testing to industry standards during adsorbent development and manufacture to support your full product lifecycle requirements. We regularly support audits by customers and the British Standards Institute. Partnering with us ensures product conformity and enables early assessment of certification risks, reducing cost and time-to-market.

With 21 products incorporated into FDA or EMEA regulated processes, Astrea Bioseparations is a proven trusted partner providing industry leading service for your biomanufacturing needs.

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Column Packing Services


Launched in 2018, the Evolve®D column range has been developed by Astrea Bioseparations to provide pre-packed, ready-to-use chromatography solutions.

Available in diameters up to 20 cm, with bed height options of 5, 10, or 20 cm, the columns can be directly implemented into bioprocessing and biomanufacturing applications, providing cost-savings and convenience for the end user.

Evolve®D process columns are supplied pre-packed with chromatography media from the Astrea Bioseparations range of products for applications such as protein purification and contaminant removal, and can also be custom packed with a range of media types. Columns are packed in an ISO7 environment and supplied with a Certificate of Analysis and Regulatory Support File (RSF).

Key Features

  • Range of sizes and bed heights providing cost-effective, ready-to-use columns, ideally suited for continuous chromatography applications
  • Scalable platform from 190 mL to 6.28 L
  • Non-metallic flow path constructed from pharmaceutical grade USP Class VI materials, suitable for the bio-manufacturing market
  • Supported with validation data, including materials of construction, leachable & extractable data, transportation studies, cleaning studies and full instructions

Column Packing Services


Our column packing service provides fast turnaround times, and delivers even greater ease of use combined with all of the features and benefits of using SNAP® columns in bioprocessing applications.

The extensive range of SNAP® columns can be packed with virtually any chromatography media, and are compatible with a variety of applications, including process development and viral clearance studies.

Pre-packed SNAP® columns are supplied with documentation detailing column performance testing results to ensure the columns can be implemented without the need for qualification before use.

Key Features

  • Pre-packed SNAP® columns provide an efficient and economical chromatography solution, saving time and money for the end user
  • Configurations available in diameters up to 50 mm and volumes up to 1963 mL
  • Dedicated staff with extensive experience and knowledge of chromatography column packing
  • Rapid turnaround time

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