We offer a comprehensive modular program to Discover, Develop and Deliver your custom designed chromatography adsorbents, process development and in silico modelling applications.

While protein engineering technologies are producing increasingly diverse therapeutic proteins – whole molecules, fragments, fusion proteins and viral vectors – advances in bioprocess development are enabling their production at industrial scale. Early-stage application of affinity chromatography in downstream processing is applied to increase yields and reduce the overall cost of goods.

We can provide you with a fully validated, custom chromatography adsorbent and all associated process conditions for your target biomolecule, resulting in maximum yield and purity while employing the minimum number of process steps.

Alternatively, our flexible services can take your own in-house adsorbent for manufacture, with options for research grade or GMP ready product. Products can be produced to a variety of scales including commercial.

Our extensive range of support matrices includes different bead sizes and porosities to provide a high-performance adsorbent which is stable and has low non-specific binding. These include agarose beads, polymethacrylate resins, as well as our proprietary technology – PuraBead® (P6XL, P6HF & P60HF), manufactured by Astrea under continuous process.

DiscoverThe continuous discovery of new ligand and purification technologies

DevelopThe development of cost-efficient purification adsorbents and downstream processes

DeliverThe delivery of high-quality purification products at scale to support GMP manufacture

Key features of PuraBead® P6HF:

  • Excellent flow properties
  • High dynamic binding capacity
  • Robust and long life adsorbent
  • Sanitizable using Sodium Hydroxide
  • Easy to pack
  • Manufactured to ISO9001 accredited standard
  • Single batches produced of up to 1000 litres
  • Supported with a comprehensive Regulatory Support File (includes leachables and extractables)