SNAP® columns and accessories have a new look!

You may notice some of your order contains our new purple hardware, whereas some doesn’t. Part of fully integrating the SNAP® column range and accessories into the Astrea family involves rebranding of the hardware from the existing blue to our signature purple.

SNAP® columns were originally born out of Essential Life Solutions (ELS), based in Boston, MA. After many successful years, Astrea Bioseparations acquired ELS in 2020, and with that began a new lease of life for the product line. Over time we’ve been working on the less visible aspects, but now we’re in the process of rolling out the new look SNAP® columns and accessories. Rest assured, the only change we’ve made is to the look of the product; both the blue and the purple clamps and fittings are engineered to the same specifications and constructed of the same materials from the same supplier.

Please bear with us through this transition, your patience and cooperation are greatly appreciated. We’d be pleased to assist with any further questions or queries you may have – our Technical Support contact is below.

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