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Evolve® Process Column Refresh Kits
Evolve® Process Column Refresh Kits

Evolve® Process Column Refresh Kits

Optimize your chromatographic processes with our Evolve® Refresh Kits, designed for quick, single-use applications and to prevent cross-contamination in all Evolve® Process Columns.


Efficient, economical, and environmentally conscious, Evolve® Column Refresh Kits facilitate the replacement of the entire wetted flow path between process runs.

Key Features

  • Single-Use Application: Specifically designed for single-use applications, enabling the easy replacement of Evolve® Process Columns' wetted flowpath.
  • Reduces Cross Contamination Risks: By replacing the wetted flowpath, the kit greatly diminishes the risk of cross-contamination between batches or during process changes.
  • Eliminates Need for Cleaning Validation: The use of these kits can remove the necessity for expensive and time-intensive cleaning validations often required with the reuse of hardware.
  • All-Inclusive Components: Each kit is comprehensive, containing all the required parts for a straightforward and quick flowpath change, simplifying the replacement process.
  • Wide Compatibility: Available for all sizes of Evolve® Process Columns, ensuring versatility and adaptability in various chromatographic setups.

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