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Solutions for the Bioprocessing Journey

With a wide range of empty and pre-packed chromatography columns available, Astrea Bioseparations can provide solutions for applications throughout the bioprocessing journey, from screening through to production scale.

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Evolve® Bioprocess Columns

Evolve® Bioprocess Columns are designed specifically for use in biopharmaceutical applications.

Available in eight diameters, Evolve® Process Columns provide cost effective, scalable technology suitable for use in both pilot and production scale chromatographic processes.

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SNAP® Laboratory Columns

SNAP® chromatography columns provide an effective and user-friendly chromatography column solution.

With extensive configurable options available, these glass columns are applicable to a range of bioprocessing applications, and can be implemented into almost any process, exhibiting durability and delivering high performance.

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Pre-packed Solutions

Chromatography resins developed by Astrea Bioseparations are available in a range of pre-packed formats.

With volumes from 200 µL to over 6 L, our pre-packed columns provide a platform to support every step of your process, from rapid and accurate process development to manufacturing.

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Column Packing Services

As well as our ranges of column hardware and pre-packed column offerings, Astrea Bioseparations offers column packing services for your convenience.

Utilizing our SNAP® hardware and extensions to the Evolve® range, we have customizable packing options in a range of dimensions to suit your process needs.

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